The Witch's Spellbook

A spellbook for eclectic witches and other practitioners of the Craft.

To heal from a distance

If a friend or family member would appreciate a healing spell, you can use this spell to send healing even if they are not present. This is not a replacement for medical care, but it may help the healing process. As always, cast a spell on on another person only with their consent. Needed:

  • A small doll or poppet. If you do not have one, you can shape a human figure out of something like clay or even dough, or you can draw one onto a piece of paper.
  • Any stone that represents healing. Stones for healing include amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, jade, red or green jasper, lapis lazuli, sodalite (especially good for emotional healing), or a piece of copper (especially useful in relieving pain). In general, any pink, green, red, or blue stone will work. If using a penny for copper, use one that was minted before 1982, when the composition was changed to be mostly zinc.
  • A white, pink, blue, green, or red candle (optional)

Cast a circle. Work by a candle, if you like. You may choose to carve a rune or symbol for healing onto the candle prior to lighting it. Take the doll or drawing and bless it, defining it as representing the person to be healed. If you like, you may write the person’s name on it. Speak the following incantation over it:

Figure of cloth, heed my will
Become the person I wish to heal

Replace the word cloth with clay, paper, etc., as is relevant. Visualize the figure becoming the intended person, projecting how you see that person onto it. Imagine it as having the qualities and personality of whoever you’re healing. Take your time, because the more this figure is linked to the person in your mind, the more effective this spell will be. When you are ready, hold the stone in your hand and say:

Healing stone with the power to mend
Bring pain and sickness to an end

If you are using copper or another metal, replace the word stone with metal. If using a penny, you can say coin. Visualize whatever you’re using glowing with healing energy and light. Then slowly, and gently but firmly, drag it across the doll or figure. Touch it and rub it in small circles against any part of their body that you know to be particularly affected or painful. If you don’t know where the affected areas are, then simply focus on the entire figure. As you do, visualize the healing energy going into the figure until it, too, is glowing with a peaceful, healing light. Imagine, as clearly as you can, the intended person returning to perfect health. Call to mind what they look like, being sick, and then watch them in your mind’s eye change to look healthy and happy. Will the change to happen. When you’re finished, hold the stone on top of the figure, either in the center of its chest or on top of the afflicted area (if it is very specific to one area, that is), and say:

I will it so, and with this spell
May s/he be happy, healthy and well

You may replace the pronoun with the person’s name, if you wish. Visualize a final burst or pulse of light going into the figure, driving out all sickness and pain. End your rite and close your circle. You may leave the figure and the stone on your altar for awhile, or you can put both away in a safe place together. Keep the stone and figure together until the person gets well. When s/he returns to health, bury the stone and figure or, if you wish to re-use them later, clear them of all past energies with a cleansing ritual.

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