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The Witch's Spellbook

A spellbook for eclectic witches and other practitioners of the Craft.

Candle spell to cleanse and bless a room

This spell will cleanse a room of any negative energy, and bless the room so as to fill it with positive energy. If you need to cleanse a house, each room would require one of these – they can be made together, in one room, then moved to burn down in each room. It can be done by a solitary or a coven – particularly useful if the coven contains an Earth element and a Fire element.


Basil                                                      Coriander                                            Salt

Chamomile (can use tea)                      Sage                                                   Bay leaf

Rosemary                                             Sunlight                                               Vinegar

Appropriately coloured candle of an appropriate size to burn down and a bowl to burn it in


Any sunny, appropriate day during the waning (removing impurities) or full moon (boost power)


Perform spell in a room with the curtains open so the sunlight can come in. Put the candle into a bowl, making it stand up by burning a bit of wax in. Put each of the ingredients (herbs can be fresh or dried) in a circle around the candle, breaking/cutting up those that need to be to do this. Put the vinegar (enough to just cover the other ingredients) in last. Light the candles, and charge the bowls (visualise that they are glowing with energy) while saying the following incantation:

“Basil to purify, coriander to bless,

As the candle burns, let this house become a place of peace and rest.

Aided by the powers of fire and earth,

We cleanse this house and hearth.”

Put the bowl somewhere where the candle can burn down (nowhere near flammable objects), and let it burn down. If not making use of the candle at that time (i.e. as a gift), put the flame out and just relight when needed. Once candle has burnt down, leave the bowl in the room for a few hours or until it is felt that the room has been cleansed.

Written Joanne Kahn (I don’t have a Craft name yet, as I’ve been practicing for less than 2 years.)

You’re welcome to share this spell, but if ever you do decide to formally publish a collection of spells (I’ve seen such things in book stores XD ) please get my permission before using this specific spell. I’ll probably agree, but just in case I’ve gotten to the stage where I have my own blog/book/whatever ;)

A solitary Imbolc ritual

In temperate climates of the Northern Hemisphere where winter is coming to an end, neopagans often observe February 1st or 2nd as Imbolc and celebrate a variation of the pagan festival to honor the coming spring and the waking of the year. This Imbolc ritual is designed for the solitary eclectic and involves planting seeds, which you must care for afterward.


  • An Imbolc altar setup, if desired
  • Spring flower seed(s)*
  • A flower pot and soil
  • A bowl of water**
  • Candles

Assemble your ritual space so that you are facing south. Cast a circle if desired and start, as if the perimeter had markings like a compass, from the east point (corresponding to dawn and beginnings) or southeast point (corresponding to the position of Imbolc represented on the wheel of the year). Arrange the candles in an arc around your ritual materials and light them sequentially, going from left (East) to right (West). Say:

Just as the sun will rise and fall, the seasons cycle on
The grip of winter yields when comes the time for spring to dawn

Take a moment to become calm and quiet. Cup your hands around the bowl of water and use visualization to bless and purify it by imagining the water suffused with light, warmth, and any sort of energy you wish.

Then take the seeds you’ll plant and hold them in the palm of your non-dominant hand. Reflect on specific values you wish to instill in them. When you are ready to plant them, say:

The dormant Earth will waken as the young Sun thaws the cold
And so, too, will these seeds fulfill the promise that they hold

Place them into the soil one by one, making sure you follow guidelines for how best to grow the kind if seeds you have. For each, affirm,

I plant this seed for… (value)

Pour the water into the soil in a circle and complete the affirmations with,

So may it be.

If you’d like to meditate at this point, take some time to do so. Then conclude the ritual work by stating:

This Imbolc day the Earth’s great turning furthers us toward spring
I greet with joy the coming days and all that they will bring

End your rite.

(*Decide what to use based on your gardening skill and what you plan to do with the plant afterwards. If you want to plant it outside after it’s grown into seedling, make sure you use one that is native or naturalized in your area. If you want to keep it potted and inside, choose something that works well as a house plant. You might also opt for something other than flowers, such as herbs. Familiarize yourself with how best to care for whatever you choose.

**Assuming you perform your ritual where it is above freezing in temperature, you can opt to fill the bowl with pieces of ice or, if you have it, snow. It will melt throughout your ritual and meditation, adding further symbolism to your rite. If you think it will not melt fast enough you can add tepid water to the bowl as well.)

Is there a difference between a Grimoire and a Book of Shadows? If so, what is/are the difference? asked by Anonymous

'Grimoire' can describe any sort of spellbook, whereas a Book of Shadows is the term for spellbooks used in Wiccan traditions, either by individuals or covens. Sometimes practitioners of other forms of neopaganism, generally eclectic variations drawing from Wicca, will also describe their personally compiled spell and instructional book as a Book of Shadows.

Does one need and alter and if so why are they important? asked by the-duckies-are-yellow

You do not need an altar, but many find them helpful or meaningful. If, for example, a person’s practice incorporates deity worship, altars are often an important devotional center where the practitioner can honor their god(s). And in secular witchcraft, an altar can be a useful and perhaps personally significant focal point of magical practice.

An altar, fundamentally, is a designated space where a practitioner’s setup stays consistently assembled. It is entirely possible to practice magic without keeping a fixed center of displayed materials — this simply means that you would assemble and disassemble your ritual spaces as needed.

Is there any specific order to organizing a book of shadows? asked by Anonymous

Nope :) Since it is a personal spellbook, practitioners will organize theirs in whatever way suits them.

To see things truthfully

For when you feel you need to clear your head of misconceptions. It’s best if you perform this spell in dim lighting. Needed:

  • Candle(s), preferably white
  • A small glass or crystal bowl of water
  • Salt, optional

Set up your altar and cast a circle as desired. Sprinkle a small bit of salt into the water or use another method for purification and blessing, such as visualization, and affirm:

I purify this water for clarity of mind.

Dip your fingers into the water and sprinkle some around the candle(s) and your altar setup, if you’ve arranged one. Say:

I purify this altar for honesty and truth.

Replace “altar” with “candles” if it is more applicable. Be still and breathe, focusing on what you want to achieve. Then light the candles and say:

Illuminate the darkness, clear away obscurity
Cast off all illusion and let truth be known to me

Gaze at the bowl of water in the candlelight and visualize it glowing with a bright, pure light. Touch a finger to the water and then to your eyelids and/or forehead. Sit a moment. Imagine the energy of the blessed water saturating your eyes, clearing your sight; visualize the light of the candles filling your mind to drive out darkness and confusion.

End your rite as desired.

Offering Money Spell to Abundantia


  • Four green candles (or one if you can’t get hold of four)
  • An offering: it could be loose change, old jewelry or even flowers
  • A small bag for your offering

Cast a circle around your altar. Light the candles and, if you want, use oils or incense of your choosing. Let yourself become part of your offering. Recite:

Abundantia, we beseech thee:
We offering a blessing, in return for a blessing.
We call forward your kindness, if you see us deserving.

Place the offering in a small bag. If using coins, rub them against each other as you place them in the bag. Imagine you are dropping the offering into the hands of the Goddess Abundantia.

Take our admiration and loyalty, bless us with a reward,
A small gift.
Too small for the selfish, too big for the noble
Dearest Abundantia.

Once the offering is in the bag, close it tightly so that your offering is safe. Blow out the candles. Let the smoke and the smell connect you to your goal. I find the smoke helps me visualize my goals and desires. Once you feel you have completed your spell, bury your offering somewhere you find beautiful. Under a tree, beside some flowers or even under a rock, as long as you feel that it’s the right spot.

Wait patiently, your offering might result in a blessing.

This is my first spell, I taught it to a girl in college and she won on a scratch card. Let me know how it goes.

 - By Willow 

Hello again!

I’m signing into this account for the first time in ages and there is dust everywhere. I’m going to tidy up a bit and figure out how to move this blog forward after that.

Solitary Litha ritual


  • Seasonal flowers and items to decorate your altar
  • The means to create a small fire. A fire pit outside will work wonderfully, but an indoor fireplace is also fine. If you cannot build a fire, use some candles (red or gold are best).
  • Some herbs representative of happiness; lavender and vervian are traditional
  • A small square of fabric and a ribbon; natural materials are best
  • Any percussive instrument (optional)
  • A bowl or plate of seasonal fruits or other foods and a glass of fruit juice, red wine, or some other appropriate drink
  • An offering bowl (only needed if you are not working outside and/or if you cannot build a fire)

Decorate your altar or working space with summery items. Seasonal flowers and fruits are especially good. Cast your circle and mark it out by walking clockwise around it and laying flowers around its perimeter. Build the fire or light the candles and speak the following words:

At this time of life and joy when summer’s reached its height
I honor the season and the sun with these flames burning bright
And as the year begins to wane, I’ll keep with me this light
To fill my heart and warm me when the day turns on to night

Feel the warmth of the flames and imagine their light filling you. Sit by the fire (or candles) and place the herbs in the center of the square of fabric. Fold the fabric up around the herbs and tie it off to make a pouch. Push all your troubles, pains, sorrows, etc., into the pouch. Throw it into the fire if you’ve built one. If you are using candles, place it on your altar for now.

Stand up and walk clockwise around the fire or candles. If your fire is not in the center, simply walk around the circle. Play the instrument (if you have one) or clap your hands if you like, and chant the following words as you walk:

Turn, turn, turn, turn, the Litha fire is burning
Walk the circle, chant the song, the year’s great wheel is turning

As you walk and chant, reflect on the year — now that it is halfway through, what have you learned? What has come to pass? What is yet to come? Picture a great wheel turning, a representation of the steady passage of time. Continue this active meditation for as long as you like. When you are ready to stop, sit by your altar again and place the food, drink, and offering bowl (if needed) in front of you.  Speak a small and personal expression of gratitude for all that the Earth has provided and for the food and drink before you. Throw a bit of the food into the fire and pour some of the drink onto the ground (or put them into an offering bowl if you are not outside and/or you do not have a fire). Enjoy the rest.

Close your circle and end your ritual, putting out the fire or candles last. Go outside and bury the offerings if needed. If your ritual used candles and you did not burn the herb pouch, keep it on your altar until you can throw it into a fire. If you cannot, you can bury the pouch.

Angel Protection

Whenever you feel like you are in danger, or in need of protection, just call on the angels. Visualize three angels circling protectively around you as you chant this spell three times:

"Lovely Angels, hear my plea

Only three I call to me

I call for your protective power

Here and in my needing hour.”

Blessed Be.

This spell was written by me, Nicci. <3

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